Four Lessons Entrepreneurs can learn from Samsung

I recently visited the Samsung headquarters where there’s the Samsung Innovation museum in Seoul, South Korea. From a humble start,  Samsung is now the #1 chip manufacturer, Memory, TV. Their slogan ‘CHANGE EVERYTHING’ transformed the company’s failing trajectory. For my fellow ‪entrepreneurs‬ or business owners, here’s a summary of their SUCCESS DRIVERS:

1. Commitment to R&D: Samsung innovates aggressively: They have made heavy investments in R&D – $13.7b in R&D in 2014.

12 China Travel Tips

China Travel Tips : Need a break from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Gmail, visit the People Republic of China; All that stuff is blocked, orders from above! Recently did just that! Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin are breathtakingly beautiful; it’s a trip every businessman/woman/ entrepreneur/Student should take. Well am from a family of teachers, am aboard an American Airlines flight with unblocked Wi-Fi, I have read endless emails so why not, some general China travel tips or notes, will write on China biz later:

  1. It truly is The People’s Republic,


It is my pleasure to remind you my friends, Americans, Small and Large Businesses, that Africa is ready for business. Africa, composed of 54 countries is larger than what we have always envisaged. The map, done by Kai Krause shows how Africa is larger than the combination of China, the US, Western, India, Argentina, three Scandinavian countries and the British Isles. However, this has not been apparent due to the existence of a perception gap. It is my hope to try and bridge the gap.