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/B360 Global Operations & Logistics

Our innovative, structured and international experience enables us to provide fast, agile, adaptable and sustainable global operation and logistics services.

We have been called upon to provide fast responses to organizations that need to deploy humanitarian services all over the globe, at times within 24 hrs. We are there when families hit by disasters around the globe need a helping hand. When a nation needs help operating the busiest airfield in the world, our air traffic management team is leading the charge. Our services cover the following industries:


B360 delivers a full range of global construction services within budget and on schedule and is known worldwide for its performance in contingency situations. Our expertize is in both horizontal and vertical construction, ranging from buildings, airfield, runways to command and control facilities to base housing.

Power & Energy

We provide energy and power solutions for military, diplomatic, humanitarian and commercial missions around the world. From concept, design, engineering, delivery, installation, operations and maintenance — we do it all, creating diesel powered generator plants and distribution systems that make a huge impact on our customers’ success.

Global Support Services

We support our customers’ diverse missions across the globe. Our B360’s global infrastructure, experienced employees and vast procurement network ensure we have the ability to react immediately, with a coordinated approach to the most complex logistical challenges.

Five specialities define our expertise:

  • Support Services: We provide a warm bed at a moment’s notice, offer award winning food service and operate recreation centers that are a welcome place to wind down.
  • Emergency: Our global procurement expertise and proven capability to handle large volumes of commodities under the most stressful conditions makes B360 Global Emergency Services the go-to supplier during humanitarian crises and natural disasters around the world
  • Engineering Services: Our customers turn to B360 for a wide variety of civil, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering services, especially when they have an urgent requirement that demands our ability to assess the big picture and devise an expedient solution. We approach each job as a comprehensive project manager — whether our customer’s needs are a small construction project, a damage assessment and rebuilding plan after a natural disaster, or a risk assessment, clean up and remediation plan in response to a hazardous materials incident.
  • Logistics Transport: We’re ready for anything as we meet the round-the-clock transportation needs for our customers in challenging overseas environments.  Safety is our foundation thanks to innovative programs such as quarterly driver’s challenges and a lead driver initiative that trains English speaking, locally hired drivers as special liaisons with other members of the convoy who speak different languages. Our bottom line is we do what it takes, while protecting our people and cargo.
  • Security: We provide services as they relate to Best Practice Security and Design procedures for Buildings and Institutions, Environment, Infrastructure and government installations, Energy and ICT installations; All the time ensuring inclusion of the standards into comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), that we help set up for our clients.We also set up teams who mobilize resources and develop partnerships with the US government, US Organizations, Corporations and other potential global partners with the goal of increasing our client’s capacity, especially as they relate towards the construction of Training Canters.

Communication & Information Services

Each customer’s communication challenges are unique, but our global experience lets us provide solutions based on B360’s many lessons learned. We develop and manage local and wide area network enterprise architectures. Our experts have provided premiere level support and set the standards with leading architectural designs for some of the most demanding customers in the most challenging environments in the world — from battlefield communications to commercial applications in remote overseas locations.

Meeting secure data challenges. As your network is established, we solve System Administration requirements from the level of the end user all the way up to solving public key infrastructure problems, providing the encryption and authentication tools needed in today’s information networks. Information Security is a complex process and B360 engineers understand your secure data access controls and identity management challenges and can provide you with the support you need for continued success.