Anthropologist – Uganda

//Anthropologist – Uganda

The Anthropologist will be critical to helping Uganda set and realize its Collaboration, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) agenda, particularly with regard to helping the Mission better understand and take into account the behaviors, customs and traditions, social structures, and other socio-cultural factors that affect sustainable development in Uganda. A large portion of the Anthropologist’s work is likely to be focused on youth and gender but other socio-cultural factors are likely to also emerge as areas of interest such as the socio-cultural implications of urbanization, shifting demographics, and other phenomena specific to Uganda that impacts the effectiveness and sustainability of our programming. The Anthropologist will work in collaboration with staff and, as appropriate, other stakeholders, taking the lead or playing a support role as assigned by Senior Management staff including Office Directors and Front Office.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a subject matter expert in anthropology/sociology.
  • Increase USAID/Uganda’s understanding of local context through rapid assessments, ongoing research, and continuous dialogue with Ugandan thought leaders.
  • Coordinate with each other to provide a comprehensive perspective to USAID/Uganda’s learning.
  • Draft scopes of work (SOWs) for, help select, arrange meetings and site visits for, and deepen the work of visiting evaluation, analytic, assessment and activity design teams and individuals funded by USAID/Uganda.
  • Facilitate collaboration among Ugandan thought leaders.
  • Increase USAID/Uganda’s thought leadership through media, a public speakers series, etc., in purposeful ways to further open the enabling environment for the success of USAID/Uganda activities.


  • Master’s degree in anthropology/sociology; Ph.D. preferred.
  • Minimum of seven (7) years of experience applying social science, anthropology, or sociology expertise to donor-funded development projects.
  • Experience with USAID or another donor.


B360-Uganda is seeking talented individuals to join our Uganda Project teams. The job location for these positions is Kampala, Uganda. The positions are as follows: 1. Project Design Consultant, 2. Acquisition and Assistance Consultant, 3. Procurement & Administrative Assistant, 4. Education Advisor and 5. An Anthropologist. #TransformingCommunitiesTogether

If interested, review the job descriptions below and send CV and Cover Letter to attention Ms. Solomy Lubega, with the position you are interested in as the subject heading.