B360 Logistical, Finance and HR Support Services

/B360 Logistical, Finance and HR Support Services


At no other time in the history, have we witnessed such a growing unmet demand for an overall capacity building to sustain logistical, financial and HR services. These services are required to effectively implement new global initiatives, coordinate regional information management systems, increase capacity and finally implement Monitoring and Evaluation plans to ensure programs are measured and successful. These are mainly in the fields of Global Health, Energy, Agriculture, Education and Resource management.

B360 provides logistical, finance and Human resource support services while simultaneously collaborating with local actors to assist them to address inadequate staffing, and program financing and/or detrimental policies. B360 collaborates with host-county stakeholders, USAID, the Governments to identify gaps in the overall management HIV delivery services from both the supply and demand sides taking into consideration health and non-health considerations.

B360 employs a gap assessment approach to come up with sustainable delivery services response management toolkits that are available for scale up at national levels.

B360 has past and ongoing contracts in this field including a contract in Botswana, Southern Africa with the University of Maryland, School of Medicine – Institute of Human Virology . An additional one with the UMD Emergency Medicine Department in Egypt and Sudan as a prime both financed by PEPFAR, CDC. B360 is also providing logistical and financial support services to the USAID on the SHINE project in Liberia, West Africa. The industries that we are providing these services include: global health, agriculture, higher education, economic governance and natural resource management.



Our ability to effectively provide quality standards gained from international experience while maintaining Local Presence is impressive. We establish highly trained teams and a legal structures in place to quickly get a projects started. We understand both American and the different African work ethics and cultures.

Our range of services include logistical support and coordinate with the consortium of grant recipients;

  • Coordinate the development of regional information management system and common reporting framework;
  • Implementing Monitoring and Evaluation plans;
  • Support policy development to support national and/or international initiatives;
  • Capacity building. We involve service providers in the development and adoption of easy-to-use activity report forms and establishment of a clear data flow system. We also Increase the capacity of institutions and individuals to effectively enforce national laws, investigate violations of these laws and prosecute violators;
  • Data quality, analysis, dissemination and use; and
  • Quality assurance system.