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B360 offers diverse expertise and experience in health systems strengthening. We hold a contract similar in nature to the Africa HSS program with the University of Maryland, School of Medicine- Institute of Human Virology and Emergency Medicine in Botswana, Egypt and Sudan as a prime, financed by PEPFAR, CDC. We have a team of more than 150 employees working hard to improve the quality of maternal health, child health, and controlling infectious disease including HIV and combating infectious diseases. For the above services, we have been recently recognized by the USAID as a Small Business Success story, B360 Inc.

Human Resources for Health: Our Human Resource for Health capability and past performance is highly developed and already benefiting Global Health initiatives. We have a growing portfolio of managing PEPFAR, CDC grants that include leading University of Maryland School of Medicine – Institute of Human Virology (IHV) as a Prime in their five-year, $24.5 million grant, where CDC has provided financing through the U.S. PEPFAR to partner with the government of Botswana and impact the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Botswana, and to demonstrate that comprehensive HIV/AIDS treatment programs can stop the epidemic.

Capacity Building, Training and Community Support: B360 has heavily engaged in several community supports in Africa that include, Community mobilization and support, training and counseling. We have developed a comprehensive community engagement program that focuses on the Youth, one that is gender sensitive and is geared towards improvement of the young community leaders.

We are also heavily engaged at both the national and county levels in building capacity and training in the following areas:

  • Small Business – Set up and running
  • Entrepreneurships
  • Supply Chain Training
  • Logistics for Health
  • Human Resources for Health;
  • Training on Infrastructure for Health – Design and Construction;
  • Training on County Planning and Budgeting;
  • Health/Management Information Systems or IT Systems; and
  • Quality Improvement. 

Quality Assurance and Improvement: Team B360 shall focus on quality improvement by ensuring all USAID quality plan previous used in adhered to and, support quality improvement county teams at facility level to identify gaps and improve processes of care for better patient outcomes in any of the Counties and districts in Uganda. 

Infrastructure for Health – Design and Construction: We are currently implementing a $17.2 Million USAID project in Africa for “The Sustainable High Impact Infrastructure for Education and Agriculture (SHINE) program” a project with enormous impact on health, social impact particularly the youth, education among others across several counties in Africa. We have enormous local physical presence.

County Planning and Budgeting: B360 is capable of equipping the decision makers at facility and county levels with the knowledge and tools required to manage the health care programs, facilitate the capacity building effort for health facility committees and sub-County Health Management Teams, utilize data to advocate for more resources from the National Government for health. The team is capable of supporting the county to improve budget targeting for priority programs and help them to tailor the budget to address specific needs and, finally in creating and formalizing health sector Annual Work Plans (AWPs).

Health Management Information Systems: On results Accountability, team B360 is prepared in ensuring the USAID intended outcomes

Facility SupportWith familiarity of the Africa, B360 has the capacity to provide Commodity logistics by assisting with monthly quantification, reporting and re-stocking, reviewing of commodity distribution within sites. Providing support to facilities to use data for decision-making

Laboratory support: B360 has the capacity to ensure quality HTS are provided at appropriate locations, Timely ordering of CD4, viral load, and other service related tests (including sending and receiving results); providing In-service training/continuous medical education support at site level for clinical and non-clinical staff (e.g. community health workers, mentor mothers, peer educators, lay and adherence counselors, etc.) and to Supportive supervision quality assurance (QA) and quality improvement (QI) in both clinical facilities, laboratories and processes. The facility, Laboratory and QA and QI complement and ensure increased uptake of and adherence to quality HIV treatment services is successfully achieved.

Improved System Linkage: B360 has worked with several solutions/approaches to improve linkage to treatment for individuals’ newly HIV tested. While this has been a challenge in different African nations, the solutions are available and within reach due to improved technology. A similar system allows collaboration and communication of data to ensure individual tested database formalized systems is shared among potential regions and ensures that individual’s once tested positive are captured and retained in clinical database.