B360 Trade Mission to San Salvador

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Our Co-Founder, Mr. Peter Karenge travelled to EL Savador on a trade mission and here is his report.

Here are 7 general facts about Central America, picked after 30+ B2B, B2G meetings, countless conversations, 2 countries, 1 productive and educative week:

  1. 7 Countries form Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama and Belize. Total population approx 42m.
  2. Costa Rica does not have an army, abolished in 1949. The US would offer its troops in case there’s need. The military budget is redirected towards healthcare, education, and environmental issues.
  3. El Salvador literary has more cellphones than people.
  4. Despite a history of wars, there’s peace all over Central America. Had multiple warnings from Central Americans in US. Visit home Amigos..war ended..maybe popusa war.
  5. Volcanoes everywhere, some active. A history of earthquakes too. Advantage is the soils are rich, beautiful and tasty cuisine.
  6. The Panama Canal we all know charges for passage by weight. Some American dude once swam past it and has the history of paying the least passage charge.
  7. Pupusa war. Don’t you dare tell one that you enjoyed another country’s better than there’s, that’s war. On the other hand, acknowledging the Salvadorian as the original and best equals instant friendship. Worked 7/7.
    Being in a region for a week doesn’t make you an expert in anything, but all in all, I found Central Americans, a very hospitable and cultured people.

Generally, they have an awesome ATTITUDE: Love to work hard, productivity driven, punctual – unlike me, respectful and very responsible. We will work together anytime.