Construction Quality Manager – Commercial Roofing Installation

//Construction Quality Manager – Commercial Roofing Installation

$28 / hour


Job Description
Minimum Qualifications (includes min. Education, Experience, Knowledge/Skills & Abilities)

Must be a graduate Engineer, Architect, or a graduate of construction management – 2 year or 4 year degree


  • The CQM must possess a minimum of five years of relevant project management experience and has successfully managed a single construction project or program of concurrent construction projects.
  • The CQM has to have the ability to perform all professional services necessary to ensure that the project meets the design and quality standards as outlined in the construction documents.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in managing and coordinating submittal processes and performing quality control inspections of the work is required.
  • A minimum of 2 years of construction industry safety experience

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (SKAs)

* Must possess thorough knowledge of construction management practices with ability to work within a project team environment with minimum supervision.
* Being familiar with multiple types of commercial roofing installation and manufacturers will be an added advantage.


* The CQM must be capable of monitoring the contractor’s ability to control the project budget, coordinate all construction trades, manage a detailed short-term schedule as well as an overall project schedule, and have excellent communication skills.
* Ability to participate in commissioning activities and contract closeout, including creating and administering the government’s punch list reports, and final inspection reports.
* Ability to review construction drawings and specifications for constructability. Knowledge of national, state and local codes and regulations applicable to the design and construction of facilities.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the use of a computer for email, reports, automated project management systems and MS Office Programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).


  1. Being the on-site independent CQM for the Project whose main responsibility is to ensure quality assurance is maintained from the start to final closeout of the project in accordance with the construction contract and applicable drawings and specifications.
  2. Provide timely notification to Project Manager/COTR on all issues of concerns relatedto construction contractor’s compliance with the contract and or ability to achieve the expectedlevel of quality, adhere to cost, maintain project schedule, product submittals and use ofunacceptable/unapproved products, requests for information (RFIs), etc..
  3. Developing a quality assurance (QA) plan that clearly identifies how the CQM will monitor,verify, ensure, document and communicate the issues/concerns/activities of the project in atimely manner and how to enact an action plan regarding activities that need to be corrected orresolved during project. The QA plan shall specifically mention the steps the CQM shall takeupon discovery of an issue that may warrant a change in what the construction contractor isdoing in order to mitigate quality and cost impacts to the project while providing a timelyquality plan of action to resolve the issue. Additionally the plan shall provide how and whatactions the CQM will take to inspect materials being used to verify compliance with approvalsubmittals and to ensure the project schedule is being maintained.
  4. Submitting the QA plan for approval by the Project Manager with ten (10) days of theaward of this contract/task.
  5. Implement the approved quality assurance (QA) plan.
  6. Be on-site during the project to monitor all key activities regarding quality assurance and tohelp drive the project to successful completion by monitoring construction progress versusoriginally established project schedule. Refer to schedule section of this scope of work tounderstand requirements of submitting a work schedule indicating how the CQM will managetheir time in order that the CQM is available during all key activities.
  7. Review and provide commentary on the Contractor’s Quality Control Plan within the timeframe allotted in the project schedule. The review shall include but not be limited to the verification of the QC plan’s completeness, usefulness, that the QC plan has incorporated recommendations borne from both the contractor’s and CQM’s past experience.
  8. Monitor, ensure and document (both using written communication and photographs) over thecourse of the entire project that the contractor is following the written quality control (QC) plan.
  9. Facilitate transmittal of information by using electronic means as much as possible.
  10. CQM shall be responsible for conducting daily inspections of the work and project progress.From the very start of construction a punch list shall be created to identify all items requiringattention, needing to be addressed and/or corrected/resolved.
  11. CQM shall document the inspections, work progress, RFI items, etc. by taking digital 13202, Syracuse, NY, United States