Procurement & Administrative Assistant – Uganda

//Procurement & Administrative Assistant – Uganda

The Procurement & Administrative Assistant is located in the Office of Acquisition and Assistance (OAA) of Uganda. The purpose of this consultant is to assist the A&A Specialists, Contracting Officer/Agreement Officer, and Executive Officer to assist in a full range of acquisition and assistance functions in support of technical offices, from the inception of contract and grant awards, through solicitation, negotiation, award, administration, and close-out. The assistants manage Federal and Agency policy directives and legal requirements for acquisition and assistance policy. They advise in the design of new development activities, conduct field trips to project sites to determine compliance with regulations and Federal law. The assistants’ primary responsibility will be the administrative closeout of all types of acquisition and assistance instruments administered by the OAA. They will perform final compliance reviews of terms and conditions on a wide range of contracting and assistance instruments to advise on business and regulatory compliance in order to administratively close out awards. Other responsibilities will include reviewing official OAA files to ensure resolution of all administrative actions and that contracts are complete and ready to close, and obtaining approval of all closeout documentation from the Technical Offices staff, CO’s and Financial Management Office (FMO) staff. This process often includes analysis, adaptation, or modification of procedures or resolution of incomplete or conflicting technical or contractor data.

Other Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide home-office administrative/procurement and logistical support for project activities.
  • Assist with preparation of RFP’s, cost/price analysis and justification memos.
  • Obtain price quotations for equipment and supplies.
  • Conduct procurements for small commodities & services.
  • Process purchase requisitions, coordinate with the purchasing department for tracking Purchase Orders in the system.
  • Track receipt date of items ordered, receive goods in the system.
  • Track expenditures & process invoices.
  • Work with the shipping partners to execute the timely delivery of goods to the final in-country destinations.
  • Ensure country staff has the necessary documentation to clear a shipment of goods in the country.
  • Perform other job-related activities, as required, including:
  • Maintaining electronic copies of procurement files with all supporting documents for any future reference or audit purpose.
  • Ensuring that all procurement files are maintained in accordance with Abt Associates procurement policies and procedures.
  • Maintaining a procurement tracker.
  • Scheduling procurement meetings and recording meeting notes.

Preferred Skills / Prerequisites

  • Bachelors Degree in Business, Management, Administration, or other relevant fields.
  • At least three (3) years of relevant professional experience.
  • Excellent management, organizational, computer, and writing skills.
  • Experience with USAID procurements is desirable.
  • English language fluency.


BA/BS with 3 years of experience OR the equivalent combination of education and experience


B360-Uganda is seeking talented individuals to join our Uganda Project teams. The job location for these positions is Kampala, Uganda. The positions are as follows: 1. Project Design Consultant, 2. Acquisition and Assistance Consultant, 3. Procurement & Administrative Assistant, 4. Education Advisor and 5. An Anthropologist. #TransformingCommunitiesTogether

If interested, review the job descriptions below and send CV and Cover Letter to attention Ms. Solomy Lubega, with the position you are interested in as the subject heading.