Project Manager – ADA Compliant Restrooms Remodeling

//Project Manager – ADA Compliant Restrooms Remodeling

$18 / hour


Location – Robert E. Coyle Courthouse, San Jose, CA
We are in immediate need of a Project Manager. The Project Manager should have at least five (5) years experience in the field of construction management on similar projects. This person should have experience in the management of design and construction contracts, submittal reviews, schedule reviews, fire alarm, fire sprinkler systems, mechanical and electrical system,s, and space renovations and physical security systems.
The PM will candidate provide a list of similar projects to the task at hand namely ADA Compliant Restrooms Remodeling or similar, completed on Public Building or Institutional Use buildings. The projects should either be renovations, construction of an occupied building or construction involving high-security equipment/materials. The projects should be at least 1,000,000 in Construction cost and completed within the past 6 years.

The role of the Project Manager will be as follows:
Record Keeping and Progress Reporting
1. Scheduling
2. Submittals
3. Progress Payments
4. Safety
5. Inspection
6. Testing
7. Request for Information
8. Contract modifications
9. Progress Photographs
10. Final Inspection, Substantial Completion, and Settlements
11. Meetings and Coordination
12. Move Coordination
13. As-Built Drawings
14. Claims

The successful candidate must be able to successfully acquire a HSPD-12 Clearance.280 S 1st St
San Jose, CA 95113-3001