Supply Chain Specialist

//Supply Chain Specialist

Location: Uganda


  1. Education: Master’s degree in public health, business administration, biostatistics or logistics or equivalent degree required.


  1. At least 5 years of experience related to supply chain management, health commodity procurement, local capacity building, data analysis and logistics management information systems.
  2. Strong analytical skills and ability to present date using various state of the art statistical tools and methodologies. 
  3. Expertise in evaluating/ assessing systems related to health commodity forecasting and procurement, supply chains and logistics, and logistics management information preferred.
  4. Communication and diplomacy skills are critical, as the position entails working with technical and senior officials in the Ministry of Health (MoH), other national institutions, Interagency counterparts, USG Implementing Partners (IPs), other health development partners, the private sector and civil society to foster GOU leadership on issues related to commodity supply chain.
  5. Documented ability to work in interdisciplinary and/or multicultural team environments.
  6. Fluency in spoken and written English.
  7. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work independently on a high-performing team.
  8. Experience working on PEPFAR will be an added advantage.
  9. Experience working in Uganda or other East African or South African countries highly desirable.


  1. Advanced knowledge of USAID supply chain programming and planning processes.
  2. Advanced knowledge of supply chain data analytical tools and host country supply chain systems – especially in developing countries.
  3. Knowledge of supply chain programs monitoring and evaluation including performance audits.
  4. Advanced knowledge of supply chain project design and implementation.

The consultant will be required to:

  1. Provide hands on support for supply chain analytics 
  2. Serve as the point person communicating to the USG and USAID senior leadership on supply chain data 
  3. Assume selected supply chain program oversight/IP data reviews and selected advisory tasks
  4. Assist in development/management of selected supply chain-related activities. 

Major Tasks & Activities

  1. The consultant will provide oversight to ensure key data analytics for supply chain programming are accurate, comprehensive, and easily presentable to USAID, the interagency technical team and senior mission leadership and external stakeholders including host country entities.  
  2. Streamline communication and develop tools to assist the supply chain team to effectively collate and present data supply chain information from various data sources to USAID, the PEPFAR interagency and externally in a simplified manner.
  3. The Consultant will assist to build capacity for data analytics within the USAID supply chain team and familiarize the team with state-of-the-art analytical tools including Excel and other statistical packages.
  4. S/he will evaluate past performance data to the annual forecast needs and be the USAID point person working closely with the MoH and PEPFAR interagency and providing analytics and budget information that will guide the PEPFAR Country Operational Planning process.
  5. The Consultant will provide advisory support on key supply chain discussions within the PEPFAR interagency team, National Medical Stores (NMS), Ministry of Health Pharmacy Department and other national supply chain forum.  
  6. The Consultant will advise, assist, and support USAID’s supply chain A/CORs, and activity managers overseeing USAID’s multiple awards and participate in selected supply chain procurement processes.