Energy Consulting: USEA/B360-2018-503-42-01, Rwanda Africa

B360 provided Project management consulting, Monitoring and Evaluation, Introduce and demonstrate best practices in project management as applicable to local processes; implementation, monitoring, evaluation and close-out, as requested; Advice on project planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and close-out.


B360 Accepted Into VITAL Program

Virginia International Trade Alliance (VITAL) expands Virginia’s nationally recognized international trade program via formal partnerships with Virginia’s public universities, industry associations and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce to serve their member companies as they expand international sales. Goals for VITAL include:

  • Growing Virginia exports by $1.6 billion in five years
  • Creating 14,000 trade-supported jobs in five years
  • Increasing the number of companies enrolled in VEDP’s international trade programs to serve 390 companies per year

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