Awarded $ 3,125,000 Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services – SHA – Facilities.

//Awarded $ 3,125,000 Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services – SHA – Facilities.

The Contract was for On-Site Design Manager, Project Management Services; involves proposal and design
review, construction administration that include; Pre-construction, progress meetings, change order verification,
team coordination, warranties, and maintenance. For; Office Buildings, Salt Storage, Engineering Building,
Roof Projects, Planning, life cycle assessment, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Assessment, Asset
Management, Review plans, specifications, cost estimates through the design phases.
Services offered also included:
• CQM-Construction Quality Management Services
• Project Coordination
• Engineering Services
• On-Site Facilities Management
• Facility Support Services
B360 provided Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Services for SHA Facilities, statewide, which included but
were not limited to:

• Site Utilities Mapping for SHA Facilities, including; Coordinating and acquiring Underground
Utilities, coordinating with design/design reviews of Underground Utilities; water line, electrical, gas
line, fuel tank line/storage, cables for various SHA Facilities; building, rest areas, salt storage
structures, and yards.
• Architectural Engineering Project Support Program (A/E-PSP) for Salt Storage Structures, entailing;
Review of specific structures, provision of information/details for projects under design, coding and
archiving the renovation/changes to SHA ProjectWise.
• Design Supports for Multiple-Capital Projects by providing On-Site Technical Design Project
• Architectural and Engineering Project Support Services for the Southern Regional Lab Project,
entailing: Review of HVAC, Electrical Equipment, and service contract in preparation for
• Project Design Review and Management from design to Construction Phase for Glen Burnie Roof
• Preparation of Elkton Operation and Equipment Manual (O & E Manual), which included; HVAC,
Emergency Shut-Off Systems, Wash Bay, Vehicle Lift Equipment, Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation
System, Security & Fire Protection, Salt Barn & Brine Tank, Fuel & Chemical Systems/Storage, Spill
Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan (SPCCP)
• Provision of Design Managers and Staff Engineer Support Services for Gaithersburg Roof
Replacement Project & Greenbelt Roof Assessment, which entailed: Reviewing plans, specifications,
and cost estimates, design phases review, constructability reviews, peer reviews, and coordination of
comments from other SHA departments.
• Provision of Industrial Hygiene-Building Assessment services, including but not limited to
Coordination of investigation, Sampling, Analysis, Remediation, Oversight and renovation/rebuilding
of the spaces remediated.

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