B360 Liberia WASH Project Increased From $7.6M to $10.6 M Due to Satisfactory Work

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Water Pipe Network Expansion and Provision of WASH Services in Health Facilities: Liberia

B360inc is happy to announce an additional award of $2M to extend its good work in Liberia, under USAID mission to furnish and install water pipes line at two water utilities located in Sanniquellie (Nimba County) and Voinjama (Lofa County), Liberia

” We receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service.”
Peter Karenge, C.E.O B360inc,

The project currently ongoing entailed/ entails: Borehole Construction, Construction of toilet and sanitation facilities, Waste Water Treatment Disposal, Water Towers, Sanitation Latrines and Bath units, Waste Management Ash pits, Placenta, Incinerators, Laundries, Mortuaries, and providing renewable energy supply (Solar Energy).

A big part of our success was and is mainly attributed to recruiting local key personnel on the team including 3 resident engineers, a quality assurance officer, and field engineers. Subcontracting local teams to perform construction work such as borehole drilling. procuring materials from only geographical code 937 countries. An Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) minimizing environmental impacts pertaining to, but not limited to: Noise; Vibration; Air pollution; Water contamination; Solid waste disposal; Liquid waste disposal; and Sanitary conditions (water supply, sewerage, etc.)