Our Capability

With offices in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, Kenya and also Rwanda, B360 incorporated is a full-service architectural, engineering and logistics firm that handles infrastructure, environment, energy, information technology and government relations projects.

Core Competencies

With over fifteen years of collective experience in this field, we are GSA Schedule holders and DBE, CBE, MBE, LDBE certified

Specific Codes

EIN: 20-5556773
DUNS: 803391619
CAGE Code: 4YVQ8
GSA Schedule Contract: #GS-10F-213AA
CBE: #LSDZ59522052015

541330; 236220;
541310; 541513

State contract Numbers
DGS Contract No: DCAM-2009-D-0002-002-A-06 11125-03
SHA BCS 2007-11B | Tasks: 21, 22, 27, 3, 35, 39
BCS 2007-13C Task 14, Tasks 8,14, 21


We utilize a multi-faceted, client centered and tech-driven approach to our Service Delivery methodology. Each of our people is responsible for delivering quality, and we have garnered both accolades and awards for superior professional service in DC, MD and Virginia. For each project, we maintain a corporate commitment to quality service and performance.


B360 Inc. wholesomely and holistically embraces rectitude, character and virtue. This quality is instilled into each and everyone of our associates, and this is reflected in the work we do for you. You will see the integrity of the buildings and projects we embark upon for you, in the projects and assignments.

Like very many other firms, we are keen on providing the kind of services that make clients happy; ensuring that they keep coming back for more. However, what makes us unique is that we are always willing to go even further to help achieve your overall objectives. We know our service industry and even importantly, know how to get our job done within budget, on schedule and according to service level agreements.